A Virginia Reader Spots A GOP House Sellout—Aaron Schock (R-Whitopia) Volunteering To Pass The Dream Act With “Bipartisan” Support
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Re Patrick Cleburne’s blog post Reconquista Congressman Gutierrez Foolishly Boasts "40-50" GOP House Bitches

From: Virginia Paleoconservative [Email him]

Having just endured the nauseating spectacle of Sen. Marco Rubio selling out his conservative base by endorsing “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” (CIR), we are now seeing similar actions by Republicans in the US House of Representatives.

An example of this: Rep. Aaron Schock (R-IL), who currently has A- (career) / (B+ (recent) ratings from NumbersUSA, is now apparently changing his positions on immigration. He is reciting the CIR platitudes and apparently will be voting for all the US House discrete immigration legislative proposals.

“Then, you’re going to deal with your high-tech visas and your ag visa worker programs. I think, again, you’re going to get overwhelming bipartisan support on those provisions.”

Schock promised there would be a vote on the DREAM Act in the House and promised it would pass with bipartisan support.

“I just happen to believe that’s an unrealistic expectation that 11 million people are going to leave. I think it would be destructive to our economy, number one, and number two, many of them do not have a place to go back to even if they wanted to.”

Schock added that he thinks “there should be a pathway to citizenship for anybody who wants to come to America.” [VP: say what!] [GOP Rep. Schock Claims Majority of House GOP support Cantor's DREAM Act, by Matthew Boyle, Breitbart.com, August 9, 2013]

Rep. Schock represents the Illinois 18th congressional district. Of the counties that he fully or partially represents, many are in the high 90% white range (!), with some in the 80% white range. The median household and family incomes are in the mid $30K to the low $60K range, depending on the county. So why is Rep. Schock now pushing CIR legislation that would be, just as a wild guess, very unpopular with his constituents? These are middle and working class American citizens, who would have nothing to gain, and everything to lose with the passage of CIR legislation.

Unfortunately, given the numerical composition of the US House, the passage of CIR in 2013 may come down to 40 to 50 Republican representatives (per Rep Gutierrez) similar to Rep. Schock who are unexpectedly changing their positions.

Their constituents had better let them know of their opposition to CIR—NOW!

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