A Virginia Reader Says Seized Peanut Butter A Great Example of "Anarcho-tyranny"
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From:  David E. Wilson [e-mail him]

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Blog: Peanut Butter Confiscated In The Name Of National Security

Guzzardi's experience is a perfect example of what Sam Francis called "Anarcho-tyranny."

My wife and I saw it in Prospect Park, Brooklyn, where the police went after unleashed dogs, almost always owned by moneyed yuppies.

Meanwhile, urban youths could pelt the same dogs and their owners with rocks and not be bothered. 

Confronting the yuppies—and going after peanut butter—is easier because yuppies are always going to obey and travelers have no choice. 

"Anarcho-tyranny" gives authorities a satisfied feeling.

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