A Virginia Reader Says It's Time To "Drain The Swamps" Of Pentagon Islamophiles
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From: Virginia Paleoconservative [Email him]

Probably the most crucial defense issue faced by the Western world is both the demographic and overt warfare being waged by the adherents of Islam. Not that any of this is a new development as Islam began expanding in 634 A.D. with the conquest of Syria, the fall of Constantinople in 1453, the siege of Vienna in 1683, and numerous other aggressions throughout history to the present day.

Given this historical reality the recent choice of Lt. General McMasters as National Security Adviser is somewhat disconcerting. Although Gen. McMasters is a superb military commander his views on Islam are probably closer to Barack Obama’s than President Trump’s as evidenced by this recent statement of his:

“Terrorists are "un-Islamic" and the label "radical Islamic terrorism" is not helpful when describing their activities,”
“Retired Army Col. Peter Mansoor, who served with McMaster during the 2007 surge in Iraq, told Fox News, before McMaster's meeting, that the general "absolutely does not view Islam as the enemy.”
 McMaster: 'Radical Islamic Terrorism' Not Helpful When Describing Threat, by Sandy Fitzgerald, NewsMax.com, February 25, 2017


This denialistic perspective about Islam may unfortunately be widely represented in the defense and intelligence communities. I recently had a conversation with an “Agency” analyst who attested in no uncertain terms…because of their agency position…that the Islamic hordes who are invading Europe were generally high quality people.

I countered that I follow this issue quite closely, and everything I have read contradicts this conclusion. The analyst also stated any problems forthcoming with the “migrants” were due to the inadequacy of assimilation programs by the Europeans and this was evidenced by the fact(?) that the terrorists were all second generation, not the initial migrants!

What is frightening about these viewpoints is the defense and intelligence establishments are purposefully ignoring 1,400 years of history in order not to be seen as anti-Islamic. Being so delusional about Islam has resulted in military / foreign policy disasters, and compromises their charter to protect the United States. It is time to “drain the swamp” of the Islamophiles in our national security establishments!

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