A Virginia Reader Invites An Ohio Reader To His Post Office, DMV Station, etc
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From: Sprit of the Fighting 69th (e-mail him)

Re: Today's Letter: An Ohio Auditor Adds His Profession To "Jobs Americans Won't Do"

I'd like to invite letter writer George Stickland to my local post office. Here in Arlington we're staffed with Orientals from all the eastern countries, ditto the DMV, whose English comprehension is on the minus scale.

The chances are that in Ohio, where Strickland lives, the personnel at government offices is also of the same ethnic background.

Avoiding diversity and all its drawbacks is tough in today's multicultural America.

The writer is the winner of the 2007 VDARE.COM War on Christmas Competition. His previous letters concerning John McCain's mental competence and Richard Lugar's hair piece are here and here.

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