A VDARE reader responds...
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: a ANGRY reader...


Don't worry, friend.  You don't have to apologize for being that when writing to VDARE.  A generation will see your kind no more.  The US Census Bureau already holds you in such contempt they didn't even bother to represent your race/sex on the Y2K Census Page.  Here Mr. "Conservative Republican", check out this official politically correct US Government website.

See that masthead picture?  No little white children there either.  Only immigrants, people of color and an aging and presumably childless white feminist.  There.  You had another snub administered to white people by Your Tax Dollars At Work.  Do your politically correct sensibilities feel better now, Mr. "Conservative Republican"?

Ciao! (everyone else is saying that to you, Mr. Whitebread, so I may as well too)

February 15, 2001

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