A VDARE.com Reader Fights Foreclosure In Pennsylvania
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From: David Hook [Email him]

Re: Ed Rubenstein's article: October Jobs: New Federal Data Confirms VDAWDI—Displacement Surging

I enjoyed Ed Rubenstein's excellent articles, which show an entirely different picture of the unemployment and immigration crisis in the country. When so many native-born Americans are unemployed, why are we still importing immigrants, especially immigrants who bring Third World poverty and disease?

One study badly needed is "How many people can the US hold?" before the economy and infrastructure break down completely. Many cities are bankrupt and neighborhoods are ghost towns in war zones.

 Since most immigrants gravitate to urban areas, how long until our cities become hell-holes like Mexico City? Our government has grown so large and corrupt that it absorbs relief funding rather than any significant amount getting to the street.

You point out that $787 billion stimulus money was spent resulting in jobs that cost $1.2 million each. That same amount could provide $40,000 relief checks to 20 million people if all the funds reached the unemployed (not that I'm advocating this). It's appalling that so little has been accomplished and so much debt has been incurred.

And people wring their hands over all the foreclosures—an awful state of affairs without a doubt. I am fighting foreclosure on my home, and all the programs that are touted to rescue homeowners are fraudulent. I am recovering from 16 hospitalizations in the last year and have been unable to work, am disabled and on assistance unfortunately. HOPE and HAMP loans require you to still have a regular income to qualify. If I had a regular income, I wouldn't need help to save my house. Most people need a period to recover and find work so they can resume mortgage payments. These programs won't help them at all. And the Administration pretends surprise that these are failing on a massive scale.

I have also applied to the PA-based HEMAP program which will assist for a period of up to 24 months, but they won't approve me and it is administered by a bunch of incompetent cold-blooded bureaucrats.

They are not able to comprehend a business tax return, but they know better than my doctor whether I will be able to return to work in the next year. It is clear that government agencies do not really want to help homeowners, just appear to do so.

How has the country degenerated to such a state and elected a lifelong Marxist who wants things to become far worse?

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