A Mexican Reader Objects To Peter Brimelow's Proposal To Seize "Smuggle Island"
November 12, 2010, 04:00 AM
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From: Erick Fuessner [Email him]

Re: Peter Brimelow's Thought For Veterans Day: Why Not Occupy Mexico's Smuggle Island?

First I am Mexican and your stupid idea of the US annexing Baja California's Island or the Baja California Peninsula will never happen unless you want to start a totally unjustified war with Mexico situation that your crappy US economy will be able to sustain, you could not even handle Iraq, let's see what happen if you invade a country 10x larger and 10x more populated IT WILL BE THE LAST NAIL IF YOUR BLOODY COFFIN !!!!! This is not 1848 anymore... more easy will be that us to recover Alta California, Texas and the rest of the stolen lands that you bloody greedy gringos took from us...perhaps if God is merciful with you will live to see the Mexican flag to be raised again in Alta California.

Your bloody proposal is an INTOLERABLE INSULT TO A SOVEREIGN NATION but what else could we expect from the US?? You better bend over and say ahhh when China exercises the powers that it has over the US debt, or perhaps when Iran and Russia get sick of US imperialism and interventions in their own affairs…


[VDARE.com note: A Google search for Erick Fuessner  suggests that he's either a (pornographic) film producer in Monterrey, or that he wants actresses and "escorts" to think he is. We're not linking directly, for fear of getting it wrong and maligning an innocent Monterrey pimp.]

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