A U.K. Reader Notes That "Innocent" Brazilian Was Guilty Of Immigration Violations
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July 29, 2005

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Operation Wall Street Journal?

From [U.K. Reader]

Jean Charles de Menezes was an illegal immigrant and should have been deported in 2003. If the UK immigration service had done their job he wouldn't have been shot 8 times in the head by the London police  on July 22, 2005.

Mr Menezes arrived in the UK on 13 March 2002 and was granted entry for six months as a visitor.

He applied for leave to remain as a student, which was approved and he was granted leave to remain until 30 June 2003.

Here's how British officials put it:

"We have no record of any further application or correspondence from Mr Menezes." ["Brazilian's Visa Expired in 2003", B.B.C. News, July 28, 2005]

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