An American Reader Eyes British Immigration Stirrings
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An Australian Reader Has His Eye On The New York Times

From: John White

Have you noticed there is a stirring on the immigration issue in Britain? The Times (of London) has just published an extremely powerful article by their Environment Editor, Anthony Browne, (email) which sounds like Alien Nation. He speaks of:

"an unprecedented and sustained wave of immigration to one of the world's most densely crowded islands, utterly transforming the society in which we live against the wishes of the majority of the population, damaging quality of life and social cohesion, exacerbating the housing crisis and congestion, and with questionable economic benefits…. African immigration has overtaken gay sex as the biggest cause of HIV in Britain."

It seems the Blair Government has decisively relaxed previous controls and is being rewarded by an influx of fresh supporters – just like the Democrats!

Like many in America, I check the BBC News Web site World page coverage every morning, preferring its international coverage to the skewed selectivity we endure from the U.S. services.

Today [Sunday] I was astonished to find two immigration stories, one reporting a new paper from MigrationwatchUK, an organization opposed to what is happening, and the other - of course - seeking to undermine the contentions of the Migrationwatch paper.

How long do you think we will have to wait before CBS News reports on a fresh issue of VDARE.COM this way?

The MigrationwatchUK website – url provided by the BBC (How long ..etc., etc.) - is very impressive and looks like it could be an important resource to us here as well.

A feature of the BBC site is that it provides debating forums. One accompanying these stories – which, interestingly, has quite a degree of U.S. participation - has a couple of classic and illuminating responses:

"Anyone willing to work for his/her bread must be given the opportunity to do so without bias owing to his/her nationality. After all, isn't everyone supposed to be born equal?"

Vijayasimha, Indian, U.S.A.

"A strong thirst for wealth once took the British all over the world. Ironically now it's payback time."

Khairul Hasan, U.K.

Different battle, same war!

August 11, 2002

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