A Texas Reader Says the U.S. Is At "Full Boil" Over Illegal Immigration
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05/18/06 - A Reader Confirms That The Mexican Border Is Militarized

From:  Roger Chaillet [e-mail him]

Re: An Ohio Doctor Warns That The Mexican Army May Escort Aliens To Sanctuary Cities

Thanks to Dr. Mount for his letter about the Mexican military escorting illegals to sanctuary cities. 

I wouldn't be surprised.  The Mexican government keeps upping the ante on what it does to the United States. 

It was the Bush administration that allowed Mexican troops to travel to San Antonio to render aid only to illegal aliens from Mexico and Central America displaced by Hurricane Katrina

Kids in San Antonio waved the Mexican flag to the troops.  A true humanitarian gesture—something Mexico may not be capable of—would have been to allow the Mexican Red Cross into New Orleans to render assistance to all those afflicted by the hurricane.

The Bush administration's approach to border security is that of boiling a frog: slowly turn up the heat on the frog until it's at a full boil. The frog doesn't notice until it's too late.

The US is at full boil now.

Chaillet, a Washington, D.C. native and winner of the VDARE.COM War Against Christmas 2003 Competition, lives in Dallas where he is employed in the financial services area. His French great-grandfather and his brother are buried next to each other at Arlington National Cemetery. 

His previous letter to VDARE.COM about ethnolinguistics can be read here

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