A Reader Confirms That The Mexican Border Is Militarized
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05/17/06 - An Ohio Doctor Warns That The Mexican Army May Escort Aliens To Sanctuary Cities

From:  Eric Kessler

Re: Allan Wall's Column: The Border Is Already Militarized—On The Mexican Side!

I just read an article about how Mexico is threatening to sue the United States government in US courts if any National Guard troops detain Mexican illegals. 

I recall my own experience driving in Mexico three years ago.

On a road near the border toward Mexicali, I reached a military checkpoint.  A soldier wearing combat fatigues and carrying a machine gun asked me questions in Spanish.

He didn't speak English, and I could barely speak Spanish, but I guess I answered his questions satisfactorily because he let me pass. 

When I reached Mexicali, I walked along the border fence on the Mexican side and noticed numerous Mexican soldiers

I don't know for a fact that they were patrolling —I suppose they could have been on leave—but it looked that way. 

When I crossed over to the American side and saw a single police car parked along the border fence with a police officer keeping watch inside.

What a difference in approaches between Mexico and the U.S. toward border security. 

Mexico already militarizes its borders. It already uses army troops to stop civilians. 

And my biggest question: If a Mexican soldier had detained me—well, actually, he did briefly—would the U.S. government have sued the Mexican government in a Mexican court?

Kessler lives in California and formerly taught ESL in Taipei, Republic of China. He also worked as a software engineer in New York. Kessler is married to a legal immigrant from Colombia. 

Allan Wall responds:  "As I wrote in my column, Mexico has a military presence on the border, they even have military garrisons in some border towns. And as the writer points out Mexico uses the military to search cars at highway checkpoints in the border region and in Chiapas to catch illegal aliens."

Joe Guzzardi comments: The day the US sues Mexico over human rights abuses by Mexicans toward Americans on Mexican soil is the day we can all hang up our immigration reform hats and get a real life.

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