A Texas Reader Says The "Biggest Piker" In The Oil Business Is—Government
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From: Don Marek (e-mail him)

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: The Sunday Night Drive, Remembered

The oil companies are not paradigms of virtue. But gas is always there for us 24/7.

The biggest piker in the oil business will always be the government whether federal, state, or local. The sacks of trash that condescendingly questioned the oil executives and then vote against more drilling on US territory should be kicked out of office.

Think of the untold amount of tax revenue from gas tax: on the barrels of oil, on oil company real estate, on the high wages paid to engineers and welders, on corporate profit and stock profits, on the services derived from oil products so the government can spend on more social engineering that VDARE.COM rightfully criticizes as counterproductive.

Maybe if I were not paying $3,000 in social security tax (don't forget my employer's contribution) and almost $5,000 in income tax and another $1,700 annually in property taxes that total one-third of my income, $5 gas may not bother me that much.

Guzzardi lives in California where the state has been the biggest benefactor of higher gas prices since there is sales tax on gas.

So tell me again who is raking whom over the coals?

The answer is the government at all its levels is doing the number on us—not the oil companies.

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