A Texas CPA Invites Foreign-Born Instructors To Teach His State's "Gifted And Talented"
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From: George Weinbaum (e-mail him)

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: On Independence Day, The Struggle To Regain Our Classrooms Continues

Maybe some of these foreign-born instructors Guzzardi wrote about might want to come to Texas to teach in the Houston Independent School District.

The Houston Chronicle reports 14 percent of Houston Independent School District (HISD) students are in gifted and talented programs. Imagine, being able to teach all those gifted students! [More HISD Students Qualify As Gifted, by Jennifer Radcliffe, Houston Chronicle, July 26, 2009]

Gifted, my eye! According to HISD demographic data, 89 percent of all pupils are Hispanic and African-American, 31 percent are classified as limited English, 68 percent are at risk and 93 percent are Title 1.

What a joke.

Joe Guzzardi comments: When you dumb a standardized test down far enough, as happened in Houston as part of a nationwide pattern, even a caveman—with apologies to Geico—qualifies for as gifted and talented. 

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