A Tennessee Reader Says Hispanic Reader Antonio Hernandez Misses The Point
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Re: Antonio Hernandez’s letter A Hispanic Reader Compares Virginia Dare And The Lost Colony To Modern Illegals

From: Kit Brewer (e-mail him)

Like nearly everyone else, Hernandez misses the point. His is the "empathy" argument, that because white settlers fled oppression and poverty and faced hardship on their journey here, as well as danger from hostile natives, we should welcome new immigrants from the Third World who come for the same reasons and face similar dangers.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The historic white conquest of North America should instead be viewed as a lesson in what happens to a civilization that cannot protect its borders from legions of more fertile invaders. The American Indian lost his land, his livelihood, and his culture because he couldn't keep us out.

Rather than identifying with Third World immigrants, we should instead identify with the American Indians we supplanted. We are now the natives; not the pioneers. If we are not ruthless in defense of our country in the face of ongoing massive third world invasion we will lose our land, our livelihood, our culture to more fertile, more determined immigrants.

My ancestors came here in the 1630s. They forcibly wrested land in Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee from the Indians. I'm glad they did. Damned if I will sit idly by as Third World immigrants, aided by corrupt politicians, slimy businessmen, greedy churches, and treasonous media, do the same to me.

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