A Talk Radio Listener Says WSJ Commenters Know Why Small Towns Don't Want Meat-Packing Plants—Because Immigration Will Destroy Their Towns
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From: A Talk Radio Listener [Email him]

Here’s an  immigration-free WSJ article on farm towns refusing to subsidize meat plants—only the comments mention that they overwhelm towns with illiterate Hispanics, or worse, refugees from Burma and Somalia. [American Farm Towns, With Changing Priorities, Reject Industrial Agriculture, Meatpackers, including Tyson Foods and its chicken processing, struggle to win support for new plants, By Jacob Bunge, WSJ, November 29, 2017]

Two sample comments providing more news value than the WSJ’s professional journalists:

James Williams 8 hours ago

No mention in the article that most of the packing-house employees tend to be low wage, uneducated (ie, average 6th grade) non-English speaking immigrants. The community with the hog processing plant in the next county over from mine can attest to how much the nature of their small rural town has changed.

Sure, the plant "supports" the local school system... because the system is taxed trying to accommodate so many poor ESL kids.

Alv Key 7 hours ago

@James Williams  It's true where I live. Tyson and Perdue have agreements with the state department to employ refugees when they first arrive. Nothing wrong with that though, because most Americans have a choice not to do that type of work. The Americans who take jobs as innards eviscerators and poultry hangers tend to be either people with criminal records, no high school diploma, or else they're out in remote areas where there's little else. Chicken packing is near the lowest rung of the US work ladder, right above goat herding and ditch maintenance.

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