A Talk Radio Listener Says “Give The Game Ball To Hannity”
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Re: Peter Brimelow’s article And Let Us Now Praise Famous Sailers (As Well As Trumps)

From: A Talk Radio Listener [Email him]

The push polls, MSM campaign against Trump, and decline in quality pro-Trump calls to talk radio fooled me, fooled Limbaugh (I think) and fooled most other pro-Trump talkers, including Savage and Kudlow. The one major talker who never wavered from confidence in a Trump victory, always remained on offense, and worked tirelessly to get out the Trump vote was Sean Hannity.

The Democrat coalition also fooled themselves, as they seem to have cut back on the most drastic and blatant cheating, confident of easy victory. In the absence of rigged voting machines, illegal alien voting, and other abuses, Trump's margin in Pennsylvania and Michigan would have amounted to a landslide. He still managed to win, but just barely, thanks to Democrat miscalculations. Without wholesale cheating in Somali and Hmong infested Minnesota, Trump would have won there as well.

The only Republican Senate loss that could have been prevented, Nevada, resulted from the GOP candidate Joe Heck throwing a #NeverTrump Tantrum and withdrawing his endorsement of Trump.

Meanwhile, where I hang out, Manhattan, Trump polled only two-thirds as well as Romney, at 10%. The local pharmacies may run short of anti-anxiety drugs today.

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