Somalis, Citizenship, And Voter Fraud
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Last year, PJ Media featured a story about Somalis in Ohio voting even though they couldn't speak, read, or write English, and required a volunteer from the local Democratic Party to go in the booth with them to tell them which candidate to mark with an X. 

J. Christian Adams is a former DOJ lawyer who resigned from Eric Holder's Justice Department after it became clear that it was being run as  Eric Holder's Justice Department, rather than United States Department of Justice.

He saw no cause for alarm here, since this behavior is in fact legal. In a  post called Someone in Ohio Doesn't Understand the Voting Rights Act, he pointed out that as long as the Somalis are US citizens (through the refugee program) they don't have to speak English, they don't have to be able to read or write to vote, and allowing illiterates assistance in the voting booth is permitted by election law. (It has been a source of corruption in the past, and election law bars employers and union leaders from "assisting.")

Today, he posts a story from Minnesota, with somewhat different, but more or less predictable, facts:

Somali Immigrants Charged With Illegal Double Voting in Minn.


The two Somali ladies are charged with voting once in person, and once by absentee ballot, a fairly serious Federal crime. Since they wear Islamic dress, which may or may not include a Ninja mask, they could probably have voted multiple times in person if they wanted.

On the question of the seriousness of this crime, Adams asks

But will U.S. Attorney Todd Jones act?  Double voting in a federal election is a federal crime.  So far, the U.S. Justice Department has been slack in enforcing this federal law which protects federal (as opposed to state) interests.  Meloweese Richardson in Ohio still has not been charged with double voting.  Neither has Wendy Rosen in Maryland.  There are more.  Why isn't Eric Holder's Justice Department enforcing federal laws against double voting?  Is it because they voted for the right candidates? Might it have something else to do with the perpetrators? These days, it could be anything.


Adams includes a picture of US Attorney Todd Jones which readers may find helpful in answering the question "Will U.S. Attorney Todd Jones act? " with a no. Draw your own conclusions here.

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