A Talk-Radio Listener Says Coronavirus Or No Coronavirus The Composition Of The Supreme Court Is Going To Change
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Re: Peter Brimelow's post The Scalia Succession: Since When Have Supreme Court Justices Been Priest-Kings?

From: A Talk Radio Listener [Email him]

The Washington Free Beacon says that the Supreme Court is suspending arguments because of the age of the Justices. [Supreme Court Suspends Arguments Amid Coronavirus Fears—Six justices considered 'at risk' given age, by Kevin Daley, March 16, 2020]

With or without coronavirus, the Supreme Court is going to look vastly different in ten years. Of the six members over 65, Roberts has epilepsy, Ginsburg has cancer and Sotomayor has type 1 diabetes. Thomas, Alioto and Beyer simply have old age. Kagan isn't far behind at 60.

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James Fulford writes: In 2005, Steve Sailer wrote

Back when an affluent lifestyle featured plenty of steaks, smokes, and Scotch, Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court [SCOTUS] tended to do us the favor of dropping dead of heart attacks or lung cancer before reaching the age of severe mental decline.

Sadly, the clean living fad has taken its toll on the Court.

But Judges can't live forever. The thing America needs to do is stop treating Judges as Priest-Kings with a veto power over democracy.

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