A Talk Radio Listener Comments On Joe Biden's Telling Coal Miners To Learn To Code
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Re: John Derbyshire's Don't Learn To Code! You'll Be Competing With Cheap Foreign Labor

From: A Talk Radio Listener [Email him]

Joe Biden has been telling coal miners, whose industry and livelihoods he’s promised to destroy, to learn to code. [Biden tells coal miners to "learn to code" | The 2020 presidential hopeful advises coal miners to move into new industries—but it’s not that simple, by Alexandra Kelley, The Hill, January 2, 2020]

This, as Derbyshire pointed out, above,  gets commoners who tweet it at MSM journalists banned from Twitter. It’s a fantasy.

American coders with advanced degrees from the top universities become virtually unemployable at about age 35 due to widespread belief that two or three cheap Indians can produce more value than one highly paid American. Furthermore, in the near future, robots will write most of the code.[Robots will write most software code by 2040, claim boffins, by  Roland Moore-Colyer, The Inquirer.net, December 6, 2017]

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