A Suburban Illinois Reader Reports On Obama's "Task Force for New Americans" Occupation Plan
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From: A Suburban Illinois Reader [Email him]

Mark Levin had a lady caller named Sue Payne on his show on February 25. She started telling him about this conference call she sat in on where the Obama people didn’t know an American patriot was listening.

There she found the subject was “The Task Force for New Americans” where Obama’s people were telling them how they’re gonna destroy America with illegal aliens.

So Levin, being a lawyer, first cut her off because he couldn’t prove what she was saying.

He wanted some time to check her facts and told her he would have her back on if what she was saying checked out.. Somehow they must have verified what this lady was saying because she was back on the next day. This is truly stunning what this brave woman reported.

Can anybody say: TREASON!

Here’s a couple of links. The first one below is the radio station which has the interview—a full transcript of Sue Payne's remarks. The second one is just a YouTube video doing the same thing,

James Fulford writes: If anyone thinks that this just one woman's opinion, you should know that an announcement of it is up on the White House website:

For Immediate Release November 21, 2014

Presidential Memorandum — Creating Welcoming Communities and Fully Integrating Immigrants and Refugees

November 21, 2014

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