A Southern Lawyer Writes To Peter Brimelow On The Duke Of Marlborough And Fighting The Good Fight
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Re: Peter Brimelow's blog post Manafort, Marlborough, And Robert E. Lee: Criminalizing Policy/ Personnel, Differences— U.S. Politics Regressing To The Primitive

From: A Southern Lawyer  [Email him]

I could not resist the temptation to write Peter Brimelow a short note of appreciation for his blog post regarding the above referenced matter.  Aside from the reams of insightful and practical knowledge regarding rightist political philosophy and immigration policy that VDARE publishes daily, posts like this one—connecting Churchill, the Duke of Marlborough, and Gen. R. E. Lee to the renascent criminalization of political and personnel differences, complete with links to past outstanding VDARE articles for further exploration of the topics—are what keep me coming back to your terrific website.  I am an avid reader of history and political biography and am a huge anglophile, so this particular post hit all the right notes.  But, more generally, no other site anywhere offers the sort of historical, political, and philosophical context consistently supplied by the writers at VDARE.com.  Thanks to Peter Brimeow, his lovely wife, and all the VDARE authors for fighting the good fight, and please, please, please, keep it up!

Incidentally, I received a copy of Churchill's biography of his ducal ancestor for Christmas last year and, based upon Peter Brimelow’s comments in the blog post, shall move it quickly to the top of my stack of reading material.

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