A Skeptical Reader Says That There’s No Sign, After The Vester Flanagan Murders, Of Black America Showing Any “White Guilt”-Type Emotion
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From: A Skeptical Reader [Email him]

I just finished reading Pat Buchanan's "The On-Air Black Killings And The Dis-Integration Of America." In that article, he makes this comment:

"Now, Black America is surely as sickened by this horror outside Roanoke as was White America by the Charleston massacre."
What evidence is there of that? I've yet to see a prominent black figure condemn the killings. That includes "conservative" blacks such as Ben Carson or Clarence Thomas. I have seen many responses from blacks ranging from excuse-making to outright celebration of the killings.

This is a key difference between blacks and whites. Whites reject the criminal elements among us. Black celebrate and canonize theirs.


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