A Retired Reader Has A Personal Story About Anti-White Discrimination—That Affected His Pension!
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Re: James Fulford's article SALON’s Joan Walsh Thinks That There Is "No Social Order” Where Blacks Oppress Whites. She’s Wrong, Of Course

From: An Anonymous Retiree [Email him]

I would like to add my comment regarding blacks discriminating against whites. Once Affirmative Action took hold at many companies, whites not only lost out in promotions, but suffered a loss of income as well.

In my case, I was discriminated against by a black supervisor at an airline I worked for back in the late 1960s. I applied for a position that was a union job that paid several hundred dollars more per month than my current position. All the workers in that position were black. I would have been the first white male in that position. I never got an interview for the position and was told by my supervisor that I was over qualified for the job. I not only lost ten of thousands of dollars in wages, but lost out on a better pension, which would be three times higher than what I'm receiving now, plus a better health plan for union retirees.

Blacks have been catered to for many years and no matter how much the government or company does for them, it is never enough. I'm tired of their BS about racial discrimination. That line was an excuse in the 19th century and the first part of the 20th century, but after 1965, more than two trillion dollars has been spent on helping them through President Johnson's Great Society programs. They have been on a gravy train ever since.

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