A Refugee From Santa Barbara Notes That Child Molesting Is Rife Among California Immigrants
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Re: James Fulford's blog item Quadruple Murder In DC Apparently BOTH Immigrant Mass Murder And Disgruntled Minority Massacre

From: Linda Thom [Email her]

Mass murders aren't the only crimes regularly committed by aliens, legal and illegal. After living in California so long, I almost always suspect child molesters are foreign born and usually they are. The stories linked below are just two from a long line of the same in Santa Barbara County.

Linda Thom used to live in Santa Barbara, but now lives in the Pacific Northwest, where people mow their own lawns.

James Fulford writes: The man who raped and impregnated his twelve-year old stepdaughter is from El Salvador, the “former fugitive” is, rather unusually, from the Seychelles. (Good for local news site Nooshawk for reporting that at all, even if they did put it literally in the last paragraph.)

One reason for higher rates of child molesting among immigrants is that they come from primitive cultures, and even if not primitive, they may have different ideas about the age of consent. The age of consent in Mexico is 12, for example, and in the Seychelles 15.

But there’s also the fact that people who get in trouble with the law over this kind of behavior may flee their native countries the way Roman Polanski fled the US, except that they flee to the US, and are a danger to Americans.

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