A Reader Writes - This is NOT the Time for Defeatism!!!
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Immigration, Affirmative Action and the Abolition of America (contd.), Paul Craig Roberts

From:  Gordon Daniel

I was very disheartened to read Mr. Roberts' latest column. I think that his despondent defeatism -"But the U.S. is just as surely doomed by the utter failure of its intellectual and political leadership" - is a giant mistake. I agree that the situation looks very bleak and that, if current trends continue, the country is, in fact, doomed.  However, there is an important 'if' in there - if current trends continue. Personally, I am convinced that, if enough pressure is exerted on the government, things WILL change.

After all, there is almost nothing under the sun that displays 100% linear behavior so it is folly to expect that current trends will hold indefinitely. Of course, current trends could change for the worse or for the better but, the greater the pressure on our elected officials, the greater the likelihood of positive change. It's really that simple.

That's why, euphemistically speaking, instead of crying while the walls burn around him, Mr. Roberts, with his extensive GOP connections, ought to take the violin out of our "emperor's" hands and whack it over his head a couple of times so that His Royal Blindness might regain consciousness and order his troops to put out the fire PRONTO!!!

VDARE's Paul Craig Roberts Reply:

"The GOP is part of the problem.  Mr. Daniel's naïve belief that all it takes to fix the problem is for me to use my "extensive GOP connections" is good cause for despondency.  And so is Mr. Daniel's willingness to rely on others.  If he wants things to change for the better, he and tens of millions of others need to pitch in." 

March 13, 2001

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