A Reader Writes That "Even Heaven Has Borders"
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Re: Allan Wall's article  Pope Francis, Immigration, and CHRONICLES Magazine

From: Delmar Jackson [Send him mail]

What a great article. Allan Wall'sangel-art-11[1] last line was a wonderful counter argument to the open border globalist devils I have not heard before.

"A first step might be to remember that we are a “we,” and that borders are not evil. Even Heaven has them."

I think the following based on your comment would make a good bumper sticker or protest sign.

Even Heaven Has Borders And An Angel At The Gate.

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James Fulford writes: In response to an earlier letter from a different Florida reader, I pointed out that while Adam, the first man ever according to the Bible,  wasn't an immigrant from anywhere, being literally autochthonous, he was the first deportee, and included the above woodcut of St. Michael The Archangel deporting Adam and Eve for not living up to the terms of their visas.  See A Reader In Florida Tries To Guilt VDARE.com With Theology

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