A Reader Writes On The Problems Of Polyglot Armies
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Re: A Reader Asks If What Happened To The Austro-Hungarian Empire Will Happen To America

From: A Well-Travelled Anonymous Reader [Email him]

Regarding the letter discussing the recent book A Mad Catastrophe ; if any readers have a chance to visit Vienna please visit the Museum of Military History or Heeresgeschichtliches Museum.

Among many must see exhibits is the Austro-Hungarian army field manual; in SEVENTEEN languages. Also striking is the concentration in Vienna of magnificent architecture; reflecting the accrual of wealth and power in the old imperial Capitol.

While our own Capitol can't match Vienna’s architecture, many recent articles have described the DC area as the country's most prosperous. [Washington Sees Incomes Soar as Most of U.S. Declines, By Neil Shah, WSJ, September 19, 2013]

Paraphrasing the title of Derb's “galaxy-wide” bestseller We Are Doomed,we are Rome” (and Vienna.) Weimar can’t be too far off.

The reader says he prefers to remain anonymous “as my employer will fire me!” That sounds like the kind of thing that used to happen in Germany....

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