A Reader Writes On Ken Salazar And The Border That Crossed Him In 1848
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Re: Allan Wall’s blog post Obama Uses Ken Salazar's Family History to Plug Amnesty

From: Garrick [Email him]

What a joke. The Ken Salazar type of "Hispanic" (more Spanish in my book, since Obama boasts that Salazar claims conquistador roots going back to the 16th century) where the border crossed them are a minuscule part of our Hispanic population.

Of course, lying Obama will try to spin it that the Ken Salazar type Hispanic is very common here and that America has a deep Spanish-Hispanic heritage. [Obama: Salazar’s family ‘did not cross the border, the border crossed them’, Charlie Spiering, Washington Examiner, Feb. 6th, 2013]

Ken is quite pale, more so than me, so I'm thinking his Spanish blood is dominant.

Some New Mexicans are Spanish like the sangre puro (pure blood) Cuban-Americans and others, and Salazar is from the old New Spanish settler class, so maybe he is pure conquistador.

In the year 1950, Hispanics were only 1%-1.5% of the population here in the continental US, with many of them being Puerto Ricans residing in New York City, the others being Hispanics like Salazar who have indeed been in America for generations going back to pre-1848, before the war between US and Mexico.

Others in that 1-1.5% were legal and illegal immigrants from Mexico, while Florida had some Hispanics in Tampa and Miami. Guatemalans, Salvadorans, Nicaraguans and Dominicans were unknown here.

OK, maybe some Dominicans because even in 1965 there were many in upper Manhattan (I witnessed this while taking part in a do-gooder project) where the Puerto Ricans despised the Dominicans and vice versa and my fellow do-gooders had no idea why.

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