A Reader Writes About Link Rot—We Respond
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From: An Anonymous Helpful Reader [Email her]

I found a link on your site that takes me to an incorrect page which is about electronic cigarettes. Location of the link: Blond Bad Guys—Hollywood's Other Obsession

The link is on the word “Chicagoan”.

But, as an old Chicagoan, I can assure you that one aspect of Batman Begins is standard-issue Hollywood hokum: the murderous mugger [who kills the young Bruce Wayne’s parents] is blond.

Can you have the link removed as it is misleading to your readers.

James Fulford writes: This known as “link rot.” In 2005, when Steve Sailer or I linked to a now forgotten story about Chicago, PNNOnline.org was a non-profit news source of some kind.

Now that they’ve gone out of business, the same URL has been taken over by a retailer of “Electronic Cigarette Coupons” and “Discount Coupon Codes”. I’ve removed the link.

However, this can happen with literally any link on the internet. It’s why, instead of just linking to an article about the Black Muslims in a recent article, I included a citation that looks like this: How Elijah Muhammad Won, By Daniel Pipes, Commentary Magazine, June 2000.

It’s also why we have to keep asking for money occasionally, because we don’t want it to happen to us.

There are a number of ways to combat link rot, and when I need to fix old broken links, I generally use Archive.org, which is a website that attempts to back up the internet, and which I highly recommend.

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