A Reader Worries That The Civil Service Will Frustrate President Trump—We Reassure Him
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From: Claudius [Email him]

Just suppose that Mr. Trump does get elected then attempts to execute his immigration control programs.  He will not be able to because of opposition from the Civil Service bureaucracy and the Congress.

Progressive political appointees from the Obama Administration and earlier ones have for years been able to hire their own people into the career Civil Service, and   there is a path for political appointees to shift to career status. Thus the true believers will remain in place long after Mr. Obama has left, ready to stall any attempt to reform the immigration system that they oppose.

That Justice will stonewall is a no brainer. HHS will also because a reduction of illegals could result in welfare program shrinkage. Nobody in Washington gets a bonus for reducing outlays. Bonuses and promotions come through expanding programs, not killing them.

The striped trousers brigade at State would swoon at the very thought of border and immigration control. Enforcing our borders doesn’t fit with their Ivy League educations or the desire to stand on a hilltop teaching the world to sing in perfect  harmony. (Thanks, Coke!)

Listen for bleating about “host nation sensitivities” from our embassies in Mexico and Central America. Be sure that it is not in the interest of any Latin American nation to get its citizens back; remittances would fall and local expenses would rise. In the case of El Salvador the crime rate would skyrocket as their MS13 gangs returned home.  Getting these governments to cooperate will require persuasion, or management of difficult leaders by means of traditional statecraft:  blackmail, humiliation, or bribes. Somehow I don’t see the neocon Victoria Nuland  leaving her Ukrainian patch to do this.

Full disclosure: I had to deal with State occasionally while wandering about the world. I often wondered if they were working for the US taxpayer or the local government.  Hence my view is very jaded.

Career civil servants cannot be fired; they know it hence they will do as they please. They will coordinate obstruction by private email the complete disregard of federal law. The GOP’s utter failure to hold Lois Lerner  or others in the IRS accountable assures this.

As for the GOP, they will touch base with the donors and lobbyists. Then brave Sir Mitch and brave Sir Paul will do as they can be counted on to do as they always do:

When danger reared its ugly head,

                He bravely turned his tail and fled!

James Fulford writes: Believe it or not, the Civil Service has many patriotic employees. This is especially true in the case of the Border Patrol/ICE. Obama has been threatening to fire current ICE if they  do their jobs.

As for Congress, the President doesn't need their cooperation to deport people—illegal immigration is already illegal.

in 2006, I had the opportunity to speak to former Border Patrolman Bob Park, who as a young  man took part in Operation Wetback, in 1954. He pointed out that Eisenhower didn't have to pass any laws.

Being an illegal alien was already illegal. All it took was for the President of the United States to decide that something should be done, and then do it.



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