A Reader Wonders If Weinergate Will Help Revive An Old Obama Rumor
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Re: Patrick J. Buchanan's article Why Weiner's Going Under the Bus

From: Curious In Houston [Email him]

On your post by Mr. Buchanan, Why Weiner's Going Under the Bus, I remembered a fellow by the name of Larry Sinclair back in 2008 who "came out", literally, held a press conference and declared that he and former Illinois representative Barack Obama had a tryst involving cocaine, crack use and one or two acts of oral sex, with Obama on the receiving end, according to Mr. Sinclair.

If Weiner goes, does this mean that the whole Larry Sinclair affair could be resurrected and be used against the president?

I hope so.

James Fulford writes: No, this is one of those made up things. I'm printing this letter to remind people that, as Steve Sailer put it, the wilder rumors about Obama are not only not true, they are less interesting than the truth. Larry Sinclair held a press conference at the National Press Club, presented no evidence for his wild claims, and was arrested on outstanding warrants unconnected with his claims immediately after the press conference.

He has, as Ben Smith put it, a "27-year criminal record, with a specialty in crimes involving deceit", and his lawyer Montgomery Blair Sibley, is even weirder.

See Obama Accuser Larry Sinclair Holds Stupefying Press Conference, Huffington Post, June 26, 2008, and More Fun in Obamaconspiracyville: In Which Larry Sinclair Gets Arrested, David Weigel ,  Reason.com, June 18, 2008.

Also, the behavior that Sinclair accuses him of is completely out of character. Sailer wrote about Obama that

"Everybody...wants an esoteric explanation of the secret Obama: He transcends race; he wasn't born in America; he's a practicing Muslim; he's a socialist; he can't write a word and is a tool of Weatherman Bill Ayers; his father was Communist Frank Marshall Davis; his father was Malcolm X; the Obama family are Arabs. Now he's an anticolonialist.

I'm impatient with all this. For three and a half years, in contrast, I've argued that the key to both Obama's life and to his election as President is totally obvious.

Yes, Obama is a man of the Left. But what he is most importantly, and most insistently, is a "Race Man"—motivated by the fact of being black (in his case, half black) in America. As the subtitle of his autobiography helpfully explains, his is truly "A Story Of Race And Inheritance."

And that doesn't depend on stories flogged by conmen in press conferences—Obama confirms it every time he makes a speech.

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