A Reader Says $PLC's Mark Potok Wants To Have Neo-Nazi Cake And Eat It Too
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Re: Patrick Cleburne's article Is The Southern Poverty Law Center ($PLC) The Next Financial Bubble?

From: Joseph Hirsch [Email him]

I recently heard Mark Potok of the SPLC on Jim Giles' radio program.

On it, he joked that the head of "The National Alliance", which he says is a white supremacist group, was still living with his mother. I've also heard him talk about how Matthew Hale (former head of World Church of the Creator) had his "world headquarters" on the second floor of his father's house. He also did an interview with George Burdi, former lead singer of RAHOWA (short for racial holy war) wherein it was revealed that most of these hate organizations were merely P.O. boxes run by people who at best could be described as marginal failures.

It seems to me that Potok (and the SPLC) want to have their cake and eat it too. They solicit donations for millions or even hundreds of millions (I don't know what's in the Cayman Islands bank account) by arguing that these people are dangerous and well-organized. Yet he and the SPLC are also quick to let it slip that these guys are running a mail-order operation from mommy's basement.

Which is it, Mark?

James Fulford writes: Considering that the SPLC spends a lot of its time trying to get people fired from their jobs, and suing them to destruction, it's particularly cruel of them to mock the victims for having no money. Hale, for example, is criminal—in 2005 he was sentenced to 40 years in jail for attempting to have a Federal judge killed. But long before he did that, he was denied a license to practice law in Illinois because of his beliefs. This was so obviously a first amendment violation that he was defended by Alan Dershowitz.

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