A Reader Whose Wife Was Given Two Erroneous Green Cards Is Skeptical Of Bush's Speech
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From: Kevin Waite [e-mail him]

Re: Steve Sailer's Column: It's Alive! Bush Betrayal Tries To Climb Out Of Coffin

Bush wants Americans to think he is serious this time about border security. But if you believe that, you just might have "sucker" stamped on your forehead.

Did Bush just find out that it was illegal to hire aliens?

Maybe so since his administration only sanctioned three employers last year—in the entire USA.

And "a better system for verifying documents"?

Does Bush mean like the time my wife, a legal immigrant from the Philippines, was given not just once but twice a green card number already assigned to other persons?

Or is Bush talking about how the State Department issued a renewed visa to Mohamed Atta, six months after 9/11? Or how the State Department is on record as stating that they do not know where over 50% of any visa holders are at any given time?

How can anyone be assured, given what we know, that the government will be able to track all the millions of newcomers coming to support business and industry with cheap labor?

What will Bush do, once "Juan" decides he doesn't want to go home?

Will Bush be able to find "Juan"? After all, "Juan" knows his visa has expired and doesn't want to be found.

And then, if and when the government finds hundreds of thousands of "Juans", will Bush order them deported?

Another of Bush's talking points: aliens on a "path to citizenship" will learn English and assimilate.

Really? Is Bush talking about the marchers we've seen waving foreign flags while demanding citizens rights (in Spanish) for squatters? After all, the only people HR4437 affects is illegal aliens.

Americans know that there is no such thing as "a temporary worker program". There are no jobs Americans won't do for a decent wage. Paying aliens sub-standard wages is economic slavery.

The real question to the average American is this: "How many people are you willing for America to hold?"

India, with its 1 billion, crams people into a space only slightly larger than 1/3 the area of America. So we ought to be able to hold at least one billion?

Is that too many? How about 500 million, a half a billion, people? That's exactly where we're headed in your lifetime. And if the "Temporary guest worker shamnesty program" passes, we are sure to hit it.

Waite is an Illinois resident and electronics technician who has been an anti-illegal alien activist for two years.

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