A Reader Wants Us To Distinguish Between Mexican And Mexican-AMERICAN Gangs. We Don't Care
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Re: Brenda Walker’s blog post Mexifornia: American Kids Wearing a School Shirt Numbered 14 Could Enrage Violent Gangsters

From: [email protected]

Just wanted to comment on your horribly-written article about the controversial class sweatshirts. Next time you go to write an article to alert the public about an issue they might not be aware of, make sure you do some research on what you’re speaking about.

You people are just as stupid and uneducated as the students who chose that as their class logo. The Norteno gang was started in California. It has absolutely nothing to do with Mexico.

This is something you could have simply found out on Google. So next time you write an article about them, make sure to keep it all factual. Thanks!

James Fulford writes: The fact that the Nortenos are living in America doesn’t mean they’re not a Mexican gang. It’s true that Nortenos are more likely to be Mexican-Americans than citizens of Mexico, but that doesn’t change the basic truth that neither group considers itself part of America.

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