A Reader Wants To See An Immigration Book Entitled Clean Your Own Damn House
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12/06/10 - A Regular American Replies To An Angry Hispanic

From: Brian Riordan [Email him]

Re James Fulford's article Dubya Memoir Shows He Never Understood Immigration (Although His Nanny May Have)

For some reason, the title of your upcoming bestseller, Mow Your Own Damn Lawn, keeps sticking in my head—I love it. The other day as I was raking my own damn leaves, several Mexican-driven pickup trucks drove by. I thought the Mexicans probably thought I was insane or racist because I was raking leaves instead of hiring an illegal alien—I mean "Undocumented Democrat". After reading your fine piece on the Bush nanny—which points out how immigration is another of the many things Bush never understood—I found myself longing for the sequel: Clean Your Own Damn House.

A couple of years ago, I met a young woman pushing a baby carriage on the street. It turned out she was a Mexican who lived in a garage in back of a pretty average middle class house. So it doesn't take an oligarch—even many ordinary Americans aren't willing to raise their own damn kids.
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