A Reader Wants To Know Why Interracial Rape Can't Be Tracked By The FBI As A Hate Crime
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From: Angie Saxon [Email her]

Twenty-plus years ago, a few of us post-feminist women called for the DOJ to label rape as a hate crime, thereby forcing perp/victim demographics to be collected and made available to the public. After all, Gloria Steinem, Susan Brownmiller, and company correctly identified rape as a crime of utmost violence in the 70s!

By the '90s, Third World "immigrants" were engaged in a virtual coast-to-coast rape wave and then invoking a "cultural defense" at trial—i.e., since rape was legal in their culture, Americans should tolerate it here. (We also discovered DOJ's deceptive "race vs' ethnicity" perp ID policy that hid the true horror of "La Raza" crime stats—see FBI Won't Report Crime As Hispanic; Here's Why.)

If rape were labeled a hate crime here and abroad, with the race/ethnicity/national origin of perps and victims posted for all to see, our borders would be closed tomorrow and mass expulsions, or worse, would begin with or without government help. Yet decades later, crickets from DC.

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