A Canadian Reader Notes Bias From Canada's State-Run Broadcaster: 30 Seconds On Cologne, FIVE HUNDRED Stories On Oregon
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Re: A Reader Points Out That MEXICANS Have Been Occupying National Parks For YEARS Without Federal Action

From: A Canadian Reader [Email him]

Mitchell Day's letter pointing out how the US government (and media) have ignored the occupation of federal lands by Mexican criminals while making a huge story out of the peaceful (so far) Oregon occupation leads me to send you a link to a video clip by Ezra Levant, founder of the The Rebel media in Canada.

After eviscerating the craven response of German authorities to the mass assaults in Cologne and other cities, Levant points out (7:09 of the video) that Canada's government-run broadcaster, the CBC, only devoted 30 seconds of coverage to the violence in Germany while running 500 (! ) stories on radio and TV about the occupation of government property in Oregon.

WATCH: Cologne police chief SLAMMED by mayor right after identifying New Year's Eve rapists as migrants from "North Africa and Arab areas" - The Rebel, January 07, 2016

I happened to turn on the CBC evening program “The National” tonight. There was another long report about Oregon and the militia movement in general. The report included extensive clips of an interview with some clown from $PLC. The report said the militia movement was dying until Obama became president and portrayed militia members as dangerous people deluded by conspiracy theories. I didn't see the whole broadcast and can't say if there were any reports about events in Cologne. However, the Canadian media is full of stories about some guy in Vancouver who pepper-sprayed a group of newly arrived Syrian refugees.

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