A Reader Says Wong Wrong
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A Reader Tries "Guilt by Association", but we were born and bred in that briar patch.

From [Name Withheld]:

Those of your readers not reading Chinese, and unfamiliar with the lively and irreverent political commentary websites flourishing in the People's Republic, will be interested to hear of an extraordinary coincidence occurring when  the Barton Wong Texas Mercury satire on Peter Brimelow was published. At the VERY SAME  TIME , a similar web site posted an article by Brimelow Tse tung, also a 20 year old University student, a Chinese of European extraction. In it, he made similar efforts to ridicule a powerful figure in the media world, - thus heroically jeopardizing his chances of employment on graduation by mainstream journals….

NOT…as the kids used to say.

  • Political dissent and its dissemination via the internet is severely curtailed in China.

  • No significant component of foreign extraction has  been allowed to establish itself  in any prominent governing or opinion-forming role in modern China

  • Neither has mass immigration been allowed. Despite China's dysfunctional political traditions having essentially wasted the last six centuries economically, the usual communities would now probably like to go there now if they could. They cannot.

  • The Chinese people, including those here, approve of this.

If Chinese Junks instead of English sailing ships had been the  transporters of the new peopling of this country three centuries ago, Barton Wong would be out of business.

November 19, 2001

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