A Reader Thinks Leif Parsell Should Have Expected To Be Fired For Speaking His Mind
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Re: An Anonymous Reader Comments On The Maine Reporter [Leif Parsell] Who Was Fired For A Facebook Comment

From: Another Anonymous Reader [Email him]

Seriously, what did the reporter expect would happen in today's America? 

Liberalism is the Dominant Belief, and Racism is its greatest sin. Being a reporter, he must be aware of this. Even though his link to racism was tenuous, he should have known it would be damning.

Did he expect a fair hearing and rational adjudication? Non-Liberal groups are even more terrified of being called racist than Liberal groups, He did not get what he deserved, but he did get what was predictable.

James Fulford writes:  Well, what Parsell had said, before being hired, in a Facebook comment, was  that he wanted to live in a nation that continues to be "full of Europeans," not one that had "sold its soul to non-European immigrants and lost its culture." Also he linked to a video with Jared Taylor, by the National Policy Institute. And that’s it. Pretty innocent.

Some left-wing cultural Marxist enforcer named Bill Nemitz has written an item saying Fired reporter didn't hide his red flags,  [The Portland Press Herald / Maine Sunday Telegram, January 6, 2012] However, if he’d had an actual Red Flag—indicating support for Communism—then everyone from President Obama to the Editorial Board of the New York Times would be trying to save his job..


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