A Reader Reports A Murder In The Washington State Town Featured In Twilight—But Not By Vampires
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Re: Girl, 4, calls 911 after teen mom fatally stabbed in Forks, By KOMO Staff & Arwyn Rice, Peninsula Daily News, January 9, 2012

From: Brian Riordan (e-mail him)

In case the women in your life have not dragged you to see the Twilight movies—an ongoing romance beloved of teen-aged girls in which a werewolf competes with a vampire for the love of a high school girl—Forks is the Washington town where the story is set. It is a lovely place to visit with a temperate rain forest featuring giant trees over 250 feet tall—giving it the most vegetation per square foot of any place on earth. This is thanks to mild temperatures and about 160 inches of rain per year.

However, Forks is not only gloomy with perpetually cloudy weather (twilight, you see)—but is also chock full of illegal aliens. According to this high school girl's project, the number of Mexicans increased from "15 single men and one family" in the 70s to about 900 today—this in a town with a total population of only 3,532.

While the Reconquista  is technically about taking back former Mexican territories in the Southwest, this should be a wake-up call: the Mexican invasion is happening even in the farthest northwest corner of the lower 48 states.

As always, besides taking jobs and driving down wages, they bring their culture of lawlessness and violence with them  And of course, attempts to enforce the law bring protests.[ Border Patrol roadblock irks Forks |Three set up on the Peninsula, By Manuel Valdes, The Associated Press, September 8, 2008]

So, when I read the headline about the murder of an eighteen-year-old mother in Forks, I immediately suspected—not a vampire or werewolf—but something much more dangerous to our country.

Of course the news article doesn't reveal the current immigration status of the suspect. But his name, Moises Ramirez-Matias, certainly is cause for suspicion about his origin.

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