A Reader Supports And Encourages Our Use Of Original Documents
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Re: James Fulford's article Deportation Has FALLEN Under Obama, Dammit—But Now The Treason Lobby Wants To Abolish It Altogether

From: An Anonymous Statistically Minded Reader [Email him]

I liked James Fulford's article on deportation statistics on VDARE.com,  but I wonder if it would be a good idea to provide your readers to links to the original DHS data table or the webpage from which it is downloaded (Table 39[Excel Spreadsheet])

The raw statistics might be useful for people who want to make their own graph or to do their own analyses (e.g. average returns under Obama vs. under Bush).

James Fulford writes: I always encourage the use of original documents. It's one of the things that makes us different from most of the MSM, who will write a story about a new study, but won't include either the name of the study, or a link. In this case, I wasn't directly working with the DHS numbers, but relying on the Center For Immigration studies backgrounder, Deportation Numbers Unwrapped | Raw Statistics Reveal the Real Story of ICE Enforcement in Decline, CIS.org, By Jessica Vaughan, October 2013.

The DHS spreadsheet is worth looking at—it goes back to 1892, and shows a huge spike in "removals" around the time of of Operation Wetback..

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