A Reader Suggests That If Nominating A Minority Liberal Republican Only Gets 19% Of The Hispanic Vote, Maybe The GOP Should Stop Trying
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Re: James Kirkpatrick's blog item White Vote Update–California: Breitbart Says Jerry Brown Losing The White Vote–But Real Scandal Is It’s Only By One Point


From: Virginia Paleoconservative [Email him]


A significant aspect of Neel Kashkari’s poll results for California’s governor is not only his dismal showing among white voters (only 1% ahead) as reported by James Kirkpatrick, but his pathetic 19% (N.B.) preference among Hispanic voters.  [Brown's lead is all from Latinos, Kashkari Leads Among WhitesOctober 24, 2014] The unintended consequence of Kashkari’s win over Rep. Tim Donnelly (who is an immigration realist) is the ability to significantly test the progressive’s theory / spin of how Republicans can win elections in the new, multicultural America, especially among Hispanic voters.


Essentially, their formula for a successful Republican candidate is the following:

  • Be a “person of color”.
  • Have moderate to liberal policy positions (true conservatives need not apply).
  • Support legalization of illegal immigrants, and endorse more immigration in general.

To state the obvious, Kashkari is the trifecta holder of these attributes.  He is the “great brown hope” of those faux conservatives (RINOs, neo-cons etc.) who desire to demographically transform America and disenfranchise the conservative white voters they despise.


However, the stark results of the polling have demolished their theory, and there is no way the outcome of this political contest can be discounted, or deemed irrelevant.  This election is for the highest office in the nation’s most populous state, is receiving extensive publicity, and each candidate has the full backing of their respective political party’s machine.  In effect, there should be a high confidence level in the relevancy of this outcome.


That leads to the inescapable conclusion that Hispanics, especially recent immigrants, will not support a Republican / conservative candidate regardless of a lenient immigration position or other mimicry of the left as they are generically pre-disposed to the farthest left party, that being the Democrat Party.


Once this specific election is over the Main-Stream Media and Republican Party establishment will try and erase the lessons learned and again promote their pro-immigration agenda as the only formula for success for Republican candidates.


It is up to immigration patriots to ensure it is not forgotten.  The Republican and conservative establishments have to realize that nurturance of the white political base and restrictions on immigration are the only ways to avoid mathematical suicide in future elections.


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