A Reader Suggests A Poster For NATIONAL REVIEW's “Future of Conservatism” Summit
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From: An Anonymous Reader [Email him]

2013 will be a year of nasty schisms for the conservative movement, especially in the areas of the federal budget and immigration.  In fact, it is possible the immigration debate will be a bloody civil war.  Already, some Conservatism Inc. shills such as Sean Hannity and Peggy Noonan have sold out to the amnesty side; what a pathetic, cowardly lot they are!

I see the National Review Institute is having a summit with the theme of “Future of Conservatism”.  Looking at most of the participants and topics perhaps the summit theme is in reality “How to Move to the Left Without Admitting It”. 

I don't know what rational conservative would spend their time and money to hear this recycled RINO and neocon rubbish when it has failed so many times in the past. [VDARE.com note: On the other hand, you can attend our January 19 webinar for $30!] Because NRO is really pushing the NRI summit at the last minute, my assumption is they are having difficulty in filling the seats. I cannot imagine why!

Below, is my proposed poster for the NRI summit:

Now Here's My Plan

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