A Reader Sees Three Signs of Intelligence...
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From:   Wesley Kemp, Minneapolis, Minnesota

I just sighted three signs of intelligent life in: The New York Observer  (Pro-Immigrant Republicans Are Blind to Political Reality, by Richard Brookhiser, January 6); The Chicago Sun-Times  (High Immigration Hurts, by Dave Gorak, January 3),  and The Omaha Herald (Immigration Harming Environment, by Froma Harrop).

Maybe your tireless advocacy for common sense is seeping into the Zeitgeist! We can only hope.

Virtually no-one thought that the communist empire could or would collapse until it did, and the pro-immigration mania may be the same sort of thing.

If so, you will be one of the heroes, like the members of Solidarity in Poland, or the Velvet Underground in Czechoslovakia.

The day does not go by that I do not read VDARE. It helps to keep me sane. Much thanks.

January 15, 2001

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