A Reader Says That Lakeisha N. Holloway May Be Nevada's SECOND Black Female Racist Vehicular Mass Murderer
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From: An Anonymous Medical Professional [Email him]

I just knew this Lakeisha Holloway car rampage in Las Vegas reminded me of something that happened in Nevada decades ago.

Priscilla_Joyce_FordA black woman named Priscilla Ford (right) did exactly the same thing in Reno in 1980. She was sentenced to death, but died of emphysema before she could be executed. (Appeals took twenty-three years, and might still be continuing if she hadn't died.) See The day terror came downtown | Priscilla Ford’s deadly drive, By D. Brian Burghart, NewsReview.com, July 17, 2003, Reno Woman Who Killed Six With Auto Sentenced to Die". The New York Times. March 30, 1982.

Oddly considering the recent case, when I put Ford's name into Google News I got no hits reminding people of this case 35 years ago.[UPDATE: Vegas Incident Recalls Thanksgiving Day Massacre 1980, by Ed Pearce, KOLO, December 21, 2015, fails to mention that either woman is black.]

Perhaps a VDare .com writer might wish to make the connection.

James Fulford writes: Both women were black, both targeted mostly whites. Either might have had a racial motive—and in both cases, the authorities and the media would refuse to say anything. However, in this recent case we get this:

Police “Uncomfortable” About Revealing Motive of Las Vegas Strip Killer

Authorities refuse to specify what prompted woman to intentionally drive car into crowd

Paul Joseph Watson Prison Planet.com December 21, 2015

Police are refusing to reveal the motive behind yesterday’s shocking attack when a woman deliberately ploughed her car into dozens of people in Las Vegas.

The culprit responsible for the horrifying incident, which killed one person and injured another 35, has been named as Lakeisha N. Holloway.

Immediately following her rampage, Holloway drove to a nearby hotel and told a valet to call 911, explaining why she had carried out the attack, although her motive remains a mystery because police are “uncomfortable” about disclosing it, according to Fox News’ Will Carr.

That’s fascinating. Does anyone think for a minute that police would be uncomfortable about mentioning the motives of one of the rare white racist killers?


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