A Reader Says That Creating And Raising The Next Generation Really Has To Be The First Priority
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Re: Anonymous Attorney's blog post “Why Would You Want a Third Child?”

From: "MrStentorianCommentator" [Email him]

Reading Anonymous Attorney's post, I just have to chime in to affirm his post. I have a couple of children, but started relatively late in life, and I now know that starting earlier is better. I guess I have some advantages, but also regrets. There are certain truths that are labeled "old-fashioned", but should be given the label "timeless".

One is that creating and raising the next generation really has to be the first priority of a civilization, and our combination of materialism and Cultural Marxism has been obscuring that truth. There has to be someone to whom you pass along the civilization, and people are not fungible. It's best if you can pass it along to your own children, or if not, to nieces and nephews. We have to let the youngsters know that.

Another couple of timeless truths are that life really is short, and time really does fly. If you think you have time to put it off, you have less time than you think. It probably is best to try to start a family no later than one's mid-twenties, so you have sufficient drive and energy to keep it all together, and maybe later enough energy to help your kids get established, and then help with grandchildren.

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