A Reader Says That Agriculture Doesn't Have A Labor Shortage—they Just Want Cheap And Compliant Workers, Rather Than Americans
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Re: Patrick Cleburne’s House GOP, Dems Connive To Displace American Ag Workers

From: Jesse Mossman [Email him]

Patrick Cleburne did a good job reporting on the dairy and poultry industry efforts to have more slave labor. Obviously there is not really a labor shortage—rather they want cheap and compliant workers because past immigration raids have NOT crippled agricultural industries, but have resulted in hundreds of Americans lining up for jobs.

And instead of saying that the dairy work is so hard Americans won't do it, maybe employers should try raising the pay, and improving the working conditions—such as by hiring another shift.

Once the average industrial worker slaved long hours with no days off and low pay. The Slave Power—whether in agricultural industries or high tech (that's you, Bill Gates) longs to return to those days. We need to shame politicians on both sides of the aisle for their betrayal of average Americans by allowing the importation of cheap labor—legal and illegal.

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