A Reader Says One Iowa Mayor Is Waking Up
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01/30/07 - A New York Senior Supreme Court Clerk (Retired) Offers A New Plan Dealing With Illicit Remittances

From:  A Reader In Dubuque, Iowa

The Mayor of Marion, Iowa (it's in Linn County and next to the city of Cedar Rapids) is John Nieland. [Send him mail] Yesterday he spoke before a group of local residents regarding illegal immigration and the need for the enforcement of laws. He made it clear to the listeners that illegal aliens in his city were not welcome. Responses in the crowd, as seen on television were not easy to discern. The responses today in the press and in other media are beginning to take an alarmist tone.

Perhaps all of the people concerned about Mayor John Nieland's words should read the article by the late Sam Francis: Abolishing America (contd.): Iowa's Options - "Diversity" Or "Hate"?

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