A New York Senior Supreme Court Clerk (Retired) Offers A New Plan Dealing With Illicit Remittances
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01/29/07 - An Economics-Minded Reader Questions Skill Transfers

From:  Jeffrey Diamond [See his previous letter here.]

Given: Juan and Esmeralda are sending Postal money orders (from income on which they paid no taxes) back to fund their next-of-kin's invasion.

There is a pathetically simple method of stopping this, if the interest were there.

The Post Office already encodes money orders with magnetic ink etc., for validity.

Why not add a simple embedded chip/device to all money orders that signals when scanned as it goes through... the Post Office?

Since we're primarily interested in large denominations, the extra expense simply goes on the purchase price and is marked up as added profit.

Operation: when a money order is detected in the stream leaving the US for Mexico, the envelope is seized, but not opened. The sender (if known), otherwise a similar notice to the recipient (with obvious changes) is contacted,  as follows: "The Postal authorities have reason to believe that one of the following is true:

  1. the contents are the result of a criminal enterprise
  2. the contents are unreported income on which tax is due to the IRS
  3. the contents are recoverable by a local municipal authority such as a school district, hospital, tax collector, etc. for services rendered and unpaid
  4. the contents violate US customs requirements as to currency transfers
  5. the sender is a person who has already been deported

You are hereby summoned to appear in person before the Special Tribunal for Currency Transfers on (10 days from date) to enter a plea against these charges. Upon a finding of not guilty to all charges the funds will be released. You must attend under penalty of arrest, forfeiture of all property including real property, vehicles, etc., deportation, and permanent prohibition of future US presence and immigration petitions. Your default in timely attendance is absolute proof of guilt of at least one of the preceding accusations. Your default will result in the issuance of a warrant for your arrest, and notification of all Post Offices that you are prohibited from use of any federal facilities."


  1. billions of dollars of additional revenue to the US government through money orders that have been sold, but cannot be cashed, since the claimant will not appear.
  2. suppression of illegal immigrant's use of money orders - they will become more visible as they evaluate other methods.
  3. when they begin to use banks, the same procedure is followed, except that the bank's income is forfeit to the US since they are co-conspirators in 1-5, above. We need not argue with them - they're Federal Reserve, FDIC etc. - simply adjust their accounts downward.

No investigation is need, since none of the senders will respond.

Every dollar spent on the money orders is converted from a method of funding illegal immigration into a method for detecting and suppressing it - at a profit.

No disposition is needed, no hearing, no investigation, no records—simply put the sealed envelopes into a large container... forever.

If there are no other candidates, I humbly nominate myself as the administrator.

Your thoughts?

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