A Reader Says NBC Is Covering Up Another Racial Attack, This Time In London
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From: An Anonymous Reader [Email him]

The American MSM—in this case NBC—continues its standard operating procedure of contorting its description of attacks so that immigrants are victims only, never perpetrators of crime. In this case an "American student" (about which more below) suffered a horrific attack at the hands of five men "from the Shadwell area of East London."

Regarding the attack, the article notes: "Metropolitan Police Detective Constable Ben Mott said that Hounye may have been attacked because he stood out as a foreigner." (emphasis mine).[US student 'scarred for life' in street attack three days after arriving in UK, By Alexander Smith, NBC News, October 22, 2013]

The implication of this sentence is, of course, that his attackers were local Brits, although ultimately they say nothing about the ethnic or racial make-up of the criminals. Their silence as well as the locale of South London tells you all you need to know, but ultimately the article provides a still from the CCTV camera to dispel any doubt that they are non-White/non-British.The attackersNo more than 30 years ago, in what way would an American have stood out as a foreigner while walking down the streets of London?

Interestingly, it also turns out that this "American student" has "an Italian accent"! In the next sentence, Constable Mott notes “The victim has an Italian accent, his own style of dress and mannerisms.”

So the "American student" is not an American, and the "London men" who attacked him are not really British. One almost feels sympathy for the journalists who have to write this up: it must be very difficult to keep all the PC rules straight in a complex scenario like this.

The victimThe UK press is more forthright about the description of the men. The Huffington Post UK site describes them frankly in the headline as an "Asian Gang". Finally, if you actually look at the video footage  released by the London police [MP4]you can see that in terms of "dress and mannerisms", Hounye doesn't really differ appreciably from the overall get-up of his attackers, and it is only after punches start being thrown that one can figure out who is who.

James Fulford writes:  To  further confused the issue, Hounye is a name common in the French-speaking African country of Benin.

However, Brenda Walker provided a better explanation of this earlier today. The attackers were Muslims, who enforce Sharia in their neighborhoods. Mr. Hounye had a beer. See American Student Slashed In London, Police Eye “Muslims Patrols”, Daily Beast, October 24, 2013.

This factor is also unmentioned by NBC.

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